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Check out our Maritime Video Library, which features videos covering critical topics related to maritime personal injuries and protecting your future after an injury.

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How Claims Work
  • DIY Jones Act Injury Settlement
  • Attorney Fees on Jones Act Cases
  • Attorneys Can Pay Medical Expenses After an Injury
  • How Much is a Back Injury Worth?
  • First Way Your Company Fights Your Claim
  • Can you file a claim if you didn’t fill out an accident report?
  • Can I get repaid if I pay for my own doctor under maintenance and cure?
  • A Hard Lesson to Learn
Jones Act Basics
  • What is the Jones Act and How Does it Help You
  • The Value of a Jones Act Case
  • Filing a Jones Act Claim
  • Who Qualifies For A Jones Act Claim
  • How long do you have to settle a Jones Act case?
  • The Difference Between The Jones Act And Worker’s Compensation
  • Does the Jones Act Apply to Me?
  • Do you get a Judge or a Jury in your maritime Jones Act case?
  • Can you file under the Jones Act AND Longshore Act?
  • Can a Jones Act seaman file for social security disability?
  • Your Jones Act Deposition
Maritime Injury Claims
  • How Burn & Brain Injuries are Different
  • What is an Unseaworthiness Claim?
  • Maritime Noise Induced Hearing Loss under the Jones Act
  • Maintenance and Cure is Separate from Jones Act and Unseaworthiness Claims
  • An Oil Rig Is Considered a Vessel Under Maritime Law
  • Judges in Louisiana Are Experienced in Maritime Law
  • Punitive damages under maintenance and cure
  • How the Internet Can Affect Your Maritime Injury Case
  • Are maintenance benefits taxable?
Maritime Resources
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  • Nationwide Maritime and Jones Act Injury Lawyers
  • New Orleans Lawyer Wrote Book about Worker’s Rights for Maritime Employees
  • Maritime Lawyer Will Make Sure You Are Aware of Your Rights
  • Tim Young Talks About Why He Became a Lawyer
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