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Get our FREE Toolkit of Information

If you want all the FREE information possible, order our Maritime and Jones Act Law Toolkit.

0:00 What are people saying about our Maritime Injury Law Toolkit? Well, here are just some of the responses we’ve received so far.

0:07 “Easy to understand, direct, informative. I was a little overwhelmed by just exactly how much control companies have over our lives.”

0:18 “Very informative and professional!”

0:20 “It’s good for every merchant marine to have, in case of an accident.”

0:24 “Very, very helpful. Companies will hide all they can from their workers.”

0:29 “It was the best… Thank you so much!”

0:32 With such positive response, The Young Firm is happy to give you this toolkit today for free, because let’s face it, working on the water is a great job, but what happens when you get injured? All of the sudden you have lots of questions:

  • Who pays for your medical treatment?
  • How will you pay your bills?
  • Should you go back to work immediately?
  • Will you be entitled to a settlement?
  • If so, how much should you receive?

0:53 Our office has answered these questions and many more for hundreds of maritime clients. We put all our expertise and knowledge into this free Maritime Injury Law Toolkit. You get books, videos, and answers to the most important questions about maritime law and the Jones Act.

1:10 Still not sure you should order? Our toolkit is protection for your future if you currently work on the water. And it’s immediate help for you if you’ve suffered an injury. Either way, join the other smart, hardworking maritime workers who raised their hands and requested their own free Maritime Injury Law Toolkit. There’s no cost to you.

1:30 Claim your free toolkit of information by filling out the form below now or call our office at 504-680-4100.

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