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Our clients have often said they choose us to handle their Jones Act and maritime law cases because for more than 30 years we have been handling maritime injury claims. We have successfully represented literally hundred of maritime workers, from tug workers to rig workers, and even general passengers injured during maritime accidents.

. If you worked on or near the water and suffered an injury, we have important knowledge, skills and experience which may greatly benefit you.  If you were not injured while working on or near the water, we are not the right law firm for you.  Pretty simple, and hopefully it makes your decision easier. 

You already have enough to worry about—you shouldn’t have to worry about whether you choose the right law firm to help you with your claim.

Our Maritime Injury Practice Areas

Maritime Law
Maritime law protects workers who have been injured while working on or near the water. If you’re a Captain, deckhand, driller, toolpusher, OIM or anyone who works on a vessel, you may be covered under maritime law.
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Jones Act Law
Jones Act Law, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, protects seamen who who have been injured working on or near the water.
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Jones Act Damages
Damages refers to the compensation you are awarded by a judge or jury when you have been injured through the negligence of another.

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Maintenance and Cure Law
Maintenance and cure is the legal requirement that your employer pay you after your injury for your monthly bills each month and for your medical expenses from a doctor you choose. Many companies do not pay their injured maritime workers the proper maintenance and cure.
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Jones Act Safety Rules
The Jones Act provides several “safety rules” that your employer is required to follow in order to maintain a safe work environment.
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Injuries on Vessels
If you’ve been injured on a vessel, you are protected by various laws that can help you get medical treatment and and your bills paid.
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Injuries on Oil Rigs
Oil rig injuries often fall under Maritime Law, which means that you have rights regarding your compensation.
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Injuries on Fixed Platforms
If you’re a fixed platform worker and you’ve been injured, chances are you would need to file under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (the Longshore Act).

Injuries on Barges
Your injury on a barge may have been caused by one of these common issues that we regularly deal with in helping clients who were injured in barge accidents.

Injuries Overseas
Working at sea is a dangerous endeavor. Unfortunately, working at sea in a foreign country is equally as dangerous and presents additional unique challenges.