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Can I get repaid if I pay for my own doctor under maintenance and cure?

0:08 Can you get repaid for medical expenses that you personally have paid for after your maritime injury?  In this quick video, I want to address whether or not you’re able to recover from your company or its insurance company the amount of money you actually paid for your doctor treatment, maybe even for testing and maybe even for procedures that you might have had done after your maritime injury.

0:28 The short answer is yes you can, but two things have to be necessary.  You have to meet two tests in order to do that.

0:34 First is the treatment you got has to have been reasonable and necessary and obviously related to your maritime injury.  So you have to make sure that it’s not some type of experimental treatment.  It has to be a reasonable treatment.  And it actually has to be necessary.  You can’t have a doctor doing something that’s questionable whether you needed it or not.  So if it’s clear that what you had done and what you paid for it was reasonable and it was necessary and related to your maritime injury, then you met the first test.

1:03 The second criteria, the second test, is usually is the expense usual and customary.  That’s the language that the lawyers and the cases use.  So if the amount that you paid was super high and the doctor overcharged you, chances are the company is not going to have to pay for that.

1:21 So if it’s reasonable and necessary treatment and if the amount you paid was usual and customary, which basically means was it what an insurance company would normally or what a person would normally pay for that type of treatment, then in those situations in all likelihood you should be getting repaid for medical payments you made yourself after your maritime injury.

1:41 Call us (504-680-4100) if you have any questions at all.  You want to keep receipts for all this stuff.  You can definitely send it your company.  You can request and demand reimbursement.  I would encourage you to do that.  And again call us if you have questions about your situation.

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