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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will your firm work to calculate the fringe benefits I am missing while I am unable to work after a fishing boat accident and am recovering from my boat injury?

Our New Orleans boating accident law attorneys will work to calculate the fringe benefits you are missing while you are unable to work after a fishing boat accident and busy...

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Will my husband get any backlash from his employer or coworkers and what should he do if he does?

Your husband may experience backlash from his employer – or even his coworkers – after suffering a maritime injury.This typically is attributable to the company viewing your husband not as...

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Will my family be entitled to death benefits under the Jones Act if I am injured or killed offshore working at sea?

Yes, your family may be entitled to death benefits under the Jones Act if you are injured offshore or killed while working at sea. Although seamen can receive maintenance and...

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Will my employer try to use surveillance on me or spy on my actions during the pursuit of my Maritime Law claim?

If you have been injured and are filing a claim under the jurisdiction of Maritime Laws, surveillance or other “spy” tactics may be used by your employer. A maritime attorney...

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Will My Employer Obtain Videotaped Surveillance of Me During My Jones Act Maritime Claim?

Many injured maritime workers want to know whether or not their employer will try to obtain tape surveillance of them during their Jones Act maritime injury claim. In almost all...

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Will my employer “check up” or use surveillance on me while I pursue my Jones Act claim?

When you work in the shipping industry, you may risk suffering a serious injury working near the docks and heavy equipment. Shipping law firms often see cases of Louisiana personal injury...

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Will I have to get surgery if I suffer a severe back injury in a boating accident?

Whether you will need surgery to repair your injured back will depend on many variables, including the severity of your injury and the overall condition of your health. Since severe...

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Will I be covered by the Jones Act if I’m working on a moored vessel?

Workers on some moored vessels may qualify for protection under the Jones Act, while others may not. Much depends on whether the vessel is permanently affixed or temporarily moored. Jones...

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Why does the location at the time of my offshore accident matter to my New Orleans maritime law claim?

If in doubt, ask a maritime lawyer in New Orleans if the location of your offshore accident will affect your maritime claim. Maritime law only applies to injuries sustained while...

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Should my husband return to work as soon as possible after an injury?

Your husband should return to work after maritime injury only if he can resume his work-related duties at full capacity. Returning to work too soon may jeopardize his right to...

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