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What kinds of New Orleans occupations are covered under maritime law?

You can learn from a maritime law attorney in New Orleans what steps to take if you were injured in a maritime accident. Maritime law covers injured seamen in a wide range of New Orleans occupations, including both those who work on the water and near the water.

The following are just some examples of occupations covered under maritime law:

  • harbor pilot;
  • merchant seaman;
  • crewmembers;
  • ship officer;
  • ship repairman;
  • oil rig worker; and
  • longshoreman/dock worker.

The types of benefits or compensation available may depend on the specifics of your situation, your job duties, and/or your location when the injury occurred. For instance, maintenance and cure benefits may be available, which cover costs related to medical care, food, and room and board.

A Jones Act claim could be filed if your injuries were the result of negligence caused by your employer or a co-worker. Additionally, you could be entitled to file a claim against a ship owner if the vessel is not considered seaworthy, which means it was not safe or fit for use.

If you are a longshoreman, you could be eligible to file a Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation claim. This is intended for those who work in the maritime industry, but whose job takes place onshore, including on a dock or repairing ships. It may also apply to workers injured while on a drilling rig. If you’re unsure if you qualify under this act, or any other for that matter, ask your lawyer to evaluate your case.

Seeking Help from an Attorney

To learn what types of compensation could be available if you were injured as a maritime worker, seek legal counsel from an attorney at The Young Firm by calling 504-680-4100.

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