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What was the Jones Act law for lost wages after maritime accidents?

If you have been injured in any kind of maritime accidents, you should not have to worry about how your bills will be paid. As a seaman, you are entitled to maintenance and cure, which is compensation for your medical expenses and living necessities. You may also be entitled to additional compensation, and, therefore, you should have a Jones Act law firm review your case.

Seeking Lost Wages after Maritime Accidents

Besides maintenance and cure, an injured seaman is generally entitled to wages that extend throughout his or her voyage or contract. What this means is that if you sustained your injuries at the beginning of a fishing season that was contracted, you would be entitled to a certain amount of compensation that had been agreed upon, even though you were sidelined with injuries and could not perform your duties.

Unearned wages may include bonuses, overtime and other benefits that a seaman would have earned aboard a vessel.

Before you try to handle a maritime injury claim on your own, you should seek the help of a Louisiana maritime lawyer who handles cases throughout the United States. In the absence of good legal counsel, you may lose out on the necessary compensation to help you recover from your injuries.

Contacting a Louisiana Jones Act Law Firm

Concerned about your medical bills? Wondering what was the Jones Act? Maritime law provides you with certain protections your employer may not want you to know about. A Louisiana maritime lawyer from The Young Firm in New Orleans, Louisiana, can help you if you have suffered boating accident injuries, an offshore accident or other injuries that fall under maritime law or the Jones Act. Though we are based in Louisiana, we are ready and able to help injured victims throughout the U.S. Order our free Maritime Injury Law guide and/or our guide to what to do when you are injured offshore to learn all about your rights as an injured worker.

When you are ready to get started with your Jones Act injury case, we urge you to contact us today for a FREE case evaluation – call toll-free at 504-680-4100.

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