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Critical Maritime Injury Facts Your Company Doesn’t Want You To Know

Do you know your legal rights, or what to do, if you are injured on the job? If not, you risk drastically affecting your deserved compensation, benefits, and most importantly your recovery and health after a work accident. Unfortunately, your company isn’t looking out for what’s best for you or your family. Companies will intentionally withhold critical details from injured employees, so they can use it to their advantage later.

It’s a scary reality many maritime workers face and you should be prepared for everything. Download it now to reveal the secret tactics maritime companies use against employees injured on the job. Learn everything your company doesn’t want you to know after an accident. Complete the form for immediate digital access.

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Some of the tactics & truths include: 

  • TACTIC: The company will tell you they need a recorded statement after an accident occurs.
  • TRUTH:  Recording any statement is not a requirement. If an employer pushes for a recording, you can bet they are trying to build a case against you.


  • TACTIC: The company pushes you to receive a diagnosis and treatment from their ‘company doctor’.
    TRUTH: You are only required to see the ‘company doctor’ once. You have the right to see your trusted physician for diagnosis and treatment.


  • TACTIC: Companies will offer ‘cash advances’ to help cover employee expenses while they aren’t able to work.
    TRUTH: Cash advances are actually loans from the company, which they require you to pay back. Injured maritime workers are entitled to maintenance and cure benefits which should cover all expenses. If they do not, you likely aren’t receiving all of the compensation you deserve.

Get the info, learn the truth, and don’t let your company control your future. 


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