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Our firm has personally handled only Maritime & Jones Act claims on behalf of injured maritime workers. Other law firms may appear to be maritime focused but simply are not. 

We have helped hundreds of maritime workers put their lives back together after suffering an injury at work. We know how to get you proper and unbiased medical treatment, how to help you obtain enough money to live on while you recover, and how to secure the best future for you and your family.

"I am very grateful to Mr. Tim Young and all his team for all they have done for my family and for all they gave my wife and I through the very emotional and painful time we endured after my injury. We would not have survived everything we went through without their professional guidance and support." - Larry Naquin, former The Young Firm client

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"Having the client portal available to us was amazing! The videos were detailed and informative and really helped answer the questions we had about the process we were getting ready to embark on and put us at ease! Thank you so much for having this available"

Chad P., The Young Firm Client

Going into this whole endeavor I was extremely nervous, being I had never been through anything like this in the past. The knowledge and information shared in the client portal videos really helped to put my mind at ease and made me feel more comfortable knowing I was now better prepared and knew what to expect. I encourage anyone going through this process to watch these videos , you will be glad you did."

Lee K., The Young Firm Client
Clovelly Oil Platform Explosion
Why it may be similar to the Black Elk disaster of 2012

The Clovelly oil platform explosion is both tragic and troubling. There are so many details about this explosion that remind us of the 2012 Black Elk explosion. Read what our attorneys have to say about the terrible incident.

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