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Our firm personally handles only Maritime & Jones Act claims on behalf of injured maritime workers.

We have helped hundreds of maritime workers put their lives back together after suffering an injury at work. We know how to get you proper and unbiased medical treatment, how to help you obtain enough money to live on while you recover, and how to secure the best future for you and your family.

Free Resources for Offshore Injury Victims

If you're struggling with an offshore injury, these free resources can help navigate you through your situation. Each book offers valuable information specifically written for you. Feel free to download any of these books.

Understanding Your Offshore Injury

If you're looking for material that is easy-to-understand and spells out maritime law, this is the book for you. “Understanding Your Offshore Injury: Insider Tips from a Jones Act Attorney that Could Protect You & Your Family” discusses basic laws and provisions that protect maritime workers.

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From Tragedy to Triumph

This book contains first-person stories from previous clients who, like you, suffered an offshore injury and came to our firm for help. These are their stories, told by them about their experience with our firm and their injury in general. The stories are both encouraging and enlightening, and you may be surprised by how similar your story is to theirs.

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Questions About Maritime Injuries

Here are some of the top questions we've been asked by our clients over the years. If you or your spouse have been injured while working offshore, the questions below may address many initial concerns you may have.
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It is very common for your employer to insist that you be seen by the company doctor if you are injured on the job. In fact, sometimes this is written as a policy into your employment documents at the time of hire. However, they cannot force you to choose their doctor and there are several reasons you don’t want to go to a company selected doctor for your treatment after a maritime Jones Act injury.
Many times companies will try to get a recorded statement immediately after the accident. When the statement is taken, detailed questions concerning the accident are asked including whether there was anything unsafe which caused or contributed to the accident. Many employees have not had time to think through the accident and typically will answer very quickly that the company was not at fault
Under maritime law, your employer is required to pay maintenance and cure to you until you reach ‘maximum cure’ and the doctor releases you. Maintenance is the amount that it takes for you to pay your bills while you are injured. It is also possible to receive advances from your attorney for necessary living expenses on a month to month basis. If your employer wrongfully refuses to pay maintenance to you
When you’re injured in an accident where the Maritime Laws in Louisiana apply, employers are required to provide you with compensation for maintenance and cure.The amounts for these accommodations will vary from worker to worker, so it’s important that you have a New Orleans Maritime Law attorney to help you protect your right to full compensation in Maritime Law cases.


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Free Resources

If you're struggling with an offshore injury, these free resources can help navigate you through your situation. Feel free to download any of these books.

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"He was told by his last surgeon he will never be able to make it offshore, and this is a man who was going to school and getting his upgrades in, and really going for his mate's license and eventually going to become a captain. This was his career. This was what he was going to do the rest of his life. And because of the negligence of the captain, and the selfishness, it's not gonna happen anymore."
-Sue & Joe Snyder
"After the initial visit that I had with The Young Firm, with Timothy Young, I felt better. I felt more at ease, and I just felt in my heart that I had picked the right company to represent me."
-Joshua Johnson

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