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Hire New Orleans’ Top Maritime Law Firm

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Our New Orleans law firm handles only maritime and Jones Act cases on behalf of injured workers 

It always surprises us to see how many law firms from outside of Louisiana advertise to injured Louisiana maritime workers. Law firms from Texas, Mississippi, or even Alabama aren’t going to have the same understanding of Louisiana law like a local law firm will. If you’re from Louisiana or have been hurt in Louisiana on the water, you should know this about your maritime case:

Louisiana attorneys vs. out-of-state attorneys

Chances are your personal injury case may have to be filed in Louisiana—do you want a Louisiana law firm that regularly appears in front of the local judges, or an out-of-state law firm?

Local medical help

You may need local medical help- if you live in Louisiana, you probably want medical treatment from a nearby medical expert. We have worked with local doctors for years getting our clients proper testing and treatment.

Maritime experts 

Louisiana has some of the best maritime experts- it just makes sense. We have a strong maritime community in this area so we have access to key safety experts who can testify in your case if necessary to show how your accident could have been prevented.

Knowledgeable juries

Louisiana juries often understand maritime cases better than elsewhere- if you end up in court, our Louisiana juries often know what it means to be a vessel or maritime worker.

Next Steps

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Watch as our client James explains what helped him most after his injury

“With the tools I was given, the compensation that my team fought for me to get, I’m able to carry on. The Young Firm really helped me to get back to that phase of my life and to be able to take care of those I love.”  -James Lemoine

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Our firm personally handles only Maritime & Jones Act claims on behalf of injured maritime workers. We have helped hundreds of maritime workers put their lives back together after suffering an injury at work. We know how to get you proper and unbiased medical treatment, how to help obtain you survive financially, and how to secure the best future for you and your family.

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