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Woman Receives $125,000 Settlement for Cruise Ship Injury

A Texas woman was injured while boarding a Carnival Cruise ship has accepted a settlement from the cruise line for her cruise ship injury.

Sixty-seven-year-old Elizabeth Reimer was excited about taking her first cruise vacation last April.  She sailed from Texas on a Carnival Conquest to Grand Cayman Island. In the Grand Cayman ships remain anchored offshore and passengers sail onboard a small tender boat in order to reach the dock. As Ms. Reimer exited the small boat, she fell. And her leg became trapped between the boat and the dock.  The senior citizen was left to fend for herself.

As the boat pulled away from the dock, Ms. Reimer’s leg fell into the water.  She believes that she almost drowned.

When she sought medical attention from the ship’s crew, Ms. Reimer was told her leg was bruised and that she could walk off the pain.  In fact, her lower leg was fractured. She spent the remainder of the cruise in a wheelchair and required surgery for her injury.

Reimer filed a negligence claim for her injury. Carnival settled for $125,000.

The statute of limitations on cruise ship injuries is only one year.  Passengers who are injured while on a cruise must act fast to protect their injury claims.

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