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Damages for Unlawful Termination of Injured Seamen in New Orleans

The potential threat of being fired may cause injured seamen to hide or cover up workplace injuries. However, maintaining good health should be every worker’s priority. Some injuries may worsen over time and cause serious damage, which could ultimately impact one’s ability to perform job duties.

Wrongful termination is a fairly common type of lawsuit filed against an employer. Injured seamen have legal rights, too. Damages may be available to maritime employees in New Orleans who are fired for suffering a workplace injury. Your attorney can help you file the claim and collect evidence of unlawful termination.

Possible Damages

Unlawful termination can lead to various damages, including lost income and even future income if the person is having a hard time finding a similar-paying job. In severe cases, the injured seaman may be able to claim punitive damages. Negligence on behalf of the employer that leads to the injury may lead to damages for medical bills and other recovery-related damages. A maritime attorney in New Orleans can help determine what types of compensation may be available.

Seek Help with a Maritime Attorney in New Orleans

Injured seamen may contact a maritime attorney in New Orleans at The Young Firm. Call us at 866-703-2590 and request your free publications: Employee’s Guide to Maritime Injury Law and 6 Secrets Your Company May Not Tell You When You Get Injured Offshore.

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