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What Damages Can I Collect If I Am Affected By The Oil Spill?

The type of damages that you can collect if you were affected by the oil spill depends upon the type of damage that you have suffered. For example, many commercial businesses and commercial fishermen will suffer economic business losses. These types of damages can be sought by filing a claim in regard to the oil spill.

Property owners may suffer cleanup costs as well as loss of enjoyment of their property. In extreme cases, property value may actually diminish or lower in value if it is impossible to clean up the oil contamination of the property. These types of damages can and should also be sought by the property owners by filing a claim.

Finally, there are many other less obvious claims including small businesses which count on the coastline beaches and resort areas by operating vacation related services such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations, water related activities, beach related activities or even small businesses that operate along the coastline such as shops, stores and similar businesses.

If the oil spill and cleanup along the coastline takes months to successfully clean up as many are predicting, these thousands of small businesses along the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastlines will all be affected. All of these business owners and individuals would have the right to seek damages for their economic losses by filing a claim.

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