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Our satisfied clients speak for themselves.


One of the best ways to judge a law firm is by the clients it has helped. Meet some of our clients and let them tell you why they came to us, how we handled their claims, and the results they received.

**Disclaimer: The following results should not be construed as a prediction or guarantee of the results we will achieve in your case. Each case is unique, and results will therefore differ from case to case.**Note: The following testimonials were NOT in any way scripted or pre-written. These are real stories from real clients who were happy to share their experience with our firm.

Real Struggles, Real Solutions.

These career offshore workers came to see us worried about their futures. Listen to how we helped them get things back on track.

Will You be as Satisfied as Our Clients Have Been?
  • We are Jim and Jane and we are clients of Tim Young. Tim took our case when nobody else would and has worked tirelessly, along with his assistant Lise, to acquire a fair settlement for us. I am happy to say we reached a settlement this past Oct. Read More
    Jim and Jane Foristell, MO
  • "I would like to thank The Young Firm for all the help they gave my wife and me through the very emotional and painful time we endured after my injury. We would not have survived everything we went through without their professional guidance and s. Read More
    Larry Naquin Bourg, LA
  • “I did come and see Mr. Tim and I’ll tell you what, he’s a great guy and helped me out all the way through this thing. Even after it’s all said and done, he’s still there and he’s like a new member to the family. He helped me out a lot. Read More
    Jimmy Arabie Abbeville, LA
  • "I honestly wanted to believe that the company I had given 110% to every hitch would take care of me after I was hurt, but they had other plans and Tim knew it all along. I can't thank Tim, Jason, Rebecca, Lea and the entire staff at The Young Fir. Read More
    Joe Snyder Mountain Home, AR
  • “When I came into the office, I was looking to find some good medical health, and get the compensation I knew that was coming. But my main goal was to be seen by good doctors so I could get back to the life that I had before the injury. After th. Read More
    Joshua Johnson Pineville, LA
  • “The Young Firm impressed me because they all are very professional people. They all go out of their way to help their clients. That’s the main thing in an attorney. The Young Firm did everything I wanted done plus more.”. Read More
    Collins Connor Abbeville, LA

  • Vincente is from Dallas, Texas and suffered a brain hemorrhage while working offshore.  His company refused to acknowledge that the hemorrhage was work related.  After months of successful fighting in court, Vincente obtained a favorable, confid Read More
    Vincente Dallas, TX
  • "[After my injury], I researched different attorneys online, but wasnt sure who to hire. Then I came across Tim of The Young Firm. He offered tons of free, helpful info which also included what to look for when hiring a maritime attorney. This was Read More
  • Thank you so very much, as an individual and as a law firm, for the assistance you did provide. Stephen H. , Gulfport, MS Read More
    Stephen H. Gulfport, MS
  • "My name is Dimas Escobar. I was working for 20 years as a tankerman. One day I got hurt on the job. I was hurt in my back, in my arm, and my hands were broken. Every month I had to go to the doctor Read More

    Dimas Escobar
  • By the way thanks for the extroudnary get well gift toward my Son"Jeancarlo". It's details like that , without a doubt makes The Young Firm who they are...don't ever change that and God will reward ya'll tremendously ten fold. I hope this is a Read More
  • "I was looking for help and I knew I needed a very good firm to see me through the ordeal that I had went through. And The Young Firm, they really helped me out through my time not being able to work.  I was able to stay afloat with bills a Read More

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