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The Difference Between The Jones Act And Worker’s Compensation


There is often a lot of confusion regarding the difference between the Jones Act and worker’s compensation. Most people have heard of worker’s comp and are generally aware of how it works. Getting injured at work is synonymous with filing a worker’s comp claim. However, for workers in the maritime industry, they have different laws governing their workplaces and therefore have different benefits available when it comes to injured worker’s compensation.

How the Jones Act and Worker’s Comp are Different

worksite, workers comp0:03 The Jones Act is not the same as worker’s comp in any way. The only similarity is that worker’s comp applies if you’re injured at work just like the Jones Act applies if you’re injured at work. After that, there are no similarities between the two laws.

0:15 Under worker’s comp law, you receive very little for your injury. You cannot file suit directly against your employer. And you’re set with a scheduled payment under a statute.

Maritime Workers Have More Benefits Under the Jones Act

0:26 Under the Jones Act, on the other hand, you receive pain and suffering damages. You receive past and future loss of wages and fringe benefits. And it’s an actual negligence lawsuit against your employer.

0:38 Call us today. Do not confuse your Jones Act case with any type of worker’s comp case.

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