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Maintenance and Cure is Separate from Jones Act and Unseaworthiness Claims

When you are considering a maritime injury claim, it’s important to understand the different claims that you can potentially file. Maritime law protects injured workers in various ways and requires that vessel owners/operators adhere to certain standards. When those standards are not met and a worker is injured, the worker is entitled to file a claim. Different claims speak to different aspects of the law.

A Maintenance and Cure claim is going to address whether your employer paid your living and medical expenses after an injury. If the employer did not, a Maintenance and Cure claim can be filed to force them to do so. A Jones Act claim can be filed by workers classified as “seamen” and Unseaworthiness claims are filed against vessel owners for poor conditions aboard the vessel itself.

Your Maintenance and Cure claim is separate from your Jones Act and Unseaworthiness claims. Make sure you pursue all 3 of your maritime-related claims. If you’re discussing your case with an attorney, be sure they address all of the possible claims you can file.

Video Transcript

0:07 A lot of our clients ask, “What other claims do I have besides maintenance and cure?”  Well, it’s important to understand, if you’re a seaman, you’re going to have three separate claims:

  • One is for maintenance and cure.
  • Another one is for Jones Act negligence.
  • And a third claim, very separate, is for unseaworthiness.

0:23 If you’re injured while working on a vessel, make sure you pursue all three of your claims.  One of these claims is maintenance and cure and you have two other separate claims that you also need to address.

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