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Why We’ve Decided to Focus on Maritime Injury Law

How good would you be if you invested your time and energy into only one thing? 


What if you focused all your effort on only one activity…would you master that activity?

Our law practice focuses on representing only injured maritime workers. From overseas workers living in other countries to local tug and barge workers, our nationwide practice hones in on just one area of law: maritime and Jones Act injury law on behalf of workers. Here’s why.

Synergy– With all attorneys and case managers working each day on only Jones Act and maritime related claims, we create a “synergy.” As the saying goes, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” By having all parts of our office work only on one type of case, we create a unique benefit for our clients and employees. You know this yourself, which is the reason why when you have a health problem with your heart, you seek out a heart specialist, ideally one that only treats patients with your type of problem. Why expect anything less from your attorney?maritime law

Knowledge– The information that we have accumulated over the years in going up against the same companies again and again is priceless. There is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and there is certainly no need to re-discover the working rules, practices, and policies of dozen of major offshore drilling and vessel companies. It is not uncommon for us to represent different clients who have worked on the same vessels or rigs at different times. Everything we learned on the first case about the rig or vessel carries over to the next case.

Confidence– Confidence is only earned by doing the same activity again and again. Our office is confident handling maritime and Jones act cases, because we have focused on them for decades.  \And confidence in an attorney can translate into results for the client.

Trust– Our clients routinely tell us that they “trust our opinion,” that they “will do what we recommend since they trust us,” and they are glad they found attorneys “that they trust.”  We know this trust comes about in part since we focus only on maritime cases. We don’t hesitate when we make recommendations about their claim since we know the in and outs of maritime injury law.

We are a maritime and Jones Act specific law firm because that best serves our client: the injured maritime worker.  We won’t be handling a divorce hearing on Monday, a car accident deposition on Tuesday, a criminal matter on Wednesday, and a maritime case on Thursday.

Many lawyers have such a schedule and they like it. We don’t and wouldn’t want that kind of practice. Instead every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we spend on maritime law and Jones Act issues, whether in court, in our office, or on the road.

You built your career through a focus on and dedication to the maritime and offshore industries, and we do the same every day.


Athletes and Maritime-Focused Lawyers

What do Jerry Rice, Brad Keselowski, and Michael Phelps all have in common?

A mastery of their fields.

They have devoted all of their attention at becoming better in one area. They have become “laser-focused” on improving what they already do well.

These men did not practice tennis one day, soccer the next, or volleyball the day after that. We all know that would do nothing to make them better at football, Nascar racing, or swimming, respectively.

Instead, every day, day in and day out, they apply their time and energy to becoming better at one thing, and they are rewarded with huge success and a mastery of their sport.

This is why it matters if a law office focuses on several practice areas or just one. Lawyers who handle a divorce hearing on Monday, a car accident deposition on Tuesday, a criminal matter on Wednesday, and a maritime case on Thursday are notgoing to provide the same level of experience, mastery, and focus as someone who handles one type of case every day.

Simply put, multi-practice area lawyers have too much going on to deliver quality service to their clients.

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