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FVWC Does Not Classify You as a Foreign Worker

A few of our clients have been a little concerned about Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation (FVWC) and what it may mean for them. FVWC is a type of insurance that employers will sometimes purchase to protect their employees when said employees are overseas working. Many overseas Jones Act workers may receive benefits through FVWC if they become injured. As a result, some of these workers believe that their compensation is limited to what they may receive from the FVWC. This is not the case.

A seaman’s rights are determined by a variety of factors, but if you work overseas and are a citizen/resident of the United States, it is very likely that you can file a Jones act claim for the injury or accident which occurred while overseas.

Receiving compensation benefits through FVWC does not necessarily mean that you are limited to collecting these benefits. In fact, these benefits may be a small portion of what you would be entitled to under the Jones Act.

The majority of lawyers have never even heard of FVWC and may mistakenly tell you you’re out of luck. A great maritime lawyer, however, will explore ever facet of your case and determine whether you are entitled to more benefits under the Jones Act.

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