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Common Injuries Louisiana Seamen Face on the Job

Working in the maritime industry can be dangerous. Most Gulf Coast seamen work at jobs that involve physical strength, dangerous machinery and, of course, the hazards of being at sea. While no one wants to be injured on the job, it does happen – and the possible types of injuries are almost endless.

What are the most common injuries for Louisiana seamen? They fall into these basic categories:

  • Back injuries caused by physically demanding work are the most common injuries for all United States workers, and that includes the maritime worker. The physical work of lifting, pulling and twisting can take a toll on the human back. Back injuries can be cumulative, worsening over time, or sudden, the result of one incident or accident.
  • Being struck by or striking against an object is almost as common as back injuries. You can be hit by: falling objects, mooring lines, hinged doors, cargo or hatches. You can also fall or slip into the many structures on the ship and be injured.
  • Falling is a common cause of injury. You can fall from ship to water, dock to water, from a high point to the deck or dock, or into a hold below deck. Slips are common maritime accidents too. Both can result in serious disability for workers.
  • Chemical injuries include exposure to chemicals used onboard the ship or exposure to hazardous cargo substances. Cleaning solvents, fuel, paints, and pesticides are only a few of the many chemicals that can make you sick.
  • Other injuries include damage to hearing and vision, burns, crush injuries, lacerations, drowning and psychological trauma.

If you have been injured working in the maritime industry, you have unique rights provided by the Jones Act, including a safe place to work and, unlike many other workers, the right to sue your employer for damages. Contact The Young Firm. We concentrate in Jones Act and maritime law cases. Call us now at 504-680-4100 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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