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Coast Guard requires random drug testing of 50% of crewmen in 2010

The Coast Guard requires that maritime employers establish random drug testing programs for licensed crewmen. The Coast Guard recently issued its requirements for 2010. In 2010, a minimum of 50% of workers must be tested. In addition, any employee involved in a serious marine accident involving serious injury, death, collision or sinking must be tested for the presence of drugs and alcohol within two hours of the accident. Learn more: http://www.dco.uscg.mil/Portals/9/DCO%20Documents/5p/CG-5PC/INV/Alerts/0709no2.pdf

Every year, marine employers are required to collect and maintain a record of drug testing under 46 CFR 16.500. This data must be submitted to the Coat Guard by March 15 of the following year. The Coast Guard sets the testing rate based on the results of the testing from previous years.

If the positive test rate is less than 1.0 percent for two years in a row, the Coast Guard may lower the required testing rate. In 2008, the rate was 1.53%.

Maritime work is dangerous and when alcohol or drugs are involved, accidents can occur. If you’ve been injured offshore because a co-worker was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you have rights to compensation under maritime law. Contact the New Orleans office of The Young Firm at 866-703-2590 and discuss your case with one of our experienced maritime injury lawyers.

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