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Compensation in no-fault maritime accidents: Who pays?

Injured in a no-fault maritime accident? You are still eligible for compensation.

Seamen have dangerous jobs, and even if all safety precautions are taken, sometimes accidents happen. They may be due to weather or just plain bad luck, but no matter what causes an accident, when you are injured there are still bills to pay. If you’ve been injured in a no-fault accident, you may be wondering how to pay those bills. You may be wondering if you are still eligible for compensation.

Jones Act seamen are eligible for medical benefits and for maintenance and cure regardless of who was as fault for the injury. When a seaman who is covered by the Jones Act is injured on-the-job, fault does not need to be established in order to receive compensation. The employer must pay for the injuries regardless of the cause of the accident. The only exceptions would be if your injury did not occur while you were on-the-job or if you deliberately injured yourself.

Many employers will tell you they do not have to pay for your injury because they are not at fault. This is not true, and you do not have to repay these benefits.

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