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Maritime Attorney Tim Young
Tim Young, Maritime Attorney

Our New Orleans Maritime Law Firm Represents Injured Maritime Workers

We limit our practice to handling only cases for injured maritime workers

You may be like many of our clients and not know what next steps you should take after your maritime injury. You may have questions about some of the issues below—we have guided our clients through all of these in the past and we can help you with your situation and try to make things better for you.

Medical treatment after your injury

You have the absolute right to select your own doctor. Many of our clients aren’t sure which doctors to trust, and their company insists they see the ‘company doctor’. This can hurt your ability to get fair compensation.

Paying your monthly bills

how much maintenanceYou are used to making a lot more money than you are probably receiving now. But you can often get that amount increased. If you have disability insurance through your company, we always encourage our clients to apply for such after their maritime injury. And in Louisiana, we can provide financial advances on your settlement to help you get by month to month while your case moves forward.

Returning to work

You may feel pressured to return to work. Many of the calls we receive for help come from injured workers who are being pushed to return to work, and they just aren’t sure they should do so. This is a very tricky situation and returning too soon can ruin your ability to recover what you deserve in your claim.

Next Steps

So where do you go from here? Call us directly with your questions, or if you prefer, download one of our helpful books that further explain all of your rights and options.

Watch as our client James explains what helped him most after his injury

“With the tools I was given, the compensation that my team fought for me to get, I’m able to carry on. The Young Firm really helped me to get back to that phase of my life and to be able to take care of those I love.”  -James Lemoine

What Can We Help You With?

Our Highly-Rated, Friendly Attorneys Want to Support You

Our firm personally handles only Maritime & Jones Act claims on behalf of injured maritime workers. We have helped hundreds of maritime workers put their lives back together after suffering an injury at work. We know how to get you proper and unbiased medical treatment, how to help obtain you survive financially, and how to secure the best future for you and your family.

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