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Four rescued after Hudson River cargo ship crashes into speedboat

A cargo ship traveling on the Hudson River after midnight with no lights slammed into a speedboat, crushing the boat and then leaving the scene of the accident.

Taking a page right from a Hollywood script, the speedboat passengers and captain were rescued by Hollywood director Doug Liman and producer Avram Ludwig.  Liman and Ludwig were out on their sailboat when the accident happened, and witnessed the crash.

Witnesses estimate that the cargo ship was 250 feet long and 50 feet long, and it easily damaged the 42 foot long speedboat.

The captain of the speedboat, Daniel Rechelbacher, was rescued from the Hudson river as he clung to his capsizing vessel.  three of his friends were also rescued.  Rechelbacher initially refused to leave what was left of his speedboat until police and fire crews arrived.

The four rescued people were taken to St. Vincent’s hospital and were treated for minor injuries. Rechelbacher was stunned that the cargo ship did not see his speedboat, which was white and illuminated and should have been clearly visible.

The Coast Guard has so far neither confirmed nor denied that a crash took place, and were instead investigating a “possible collision” between two vessels.

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