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Hurt offshore? You could qualify for compensation

Seamen injured on the job often aren’t covered by workers’ compensation, leaving them to fight for fair compensation after an accident.  If you were hurt while working on a vessel, you could be owed several different types of financial compensation under the Jones Act.

If you have a substantial relationship with a vessel and if the type of work you do is necessary for the vessel’s function, then you could be covered by the Jones Act.  The length of time you’ve worked on the vessel and the type of work you perform is taken into consideration when determining if you are covered by the Jones Act.

If you don’t qualify as a Jones Act seaman, don’t despair: you could be covered by Longshore or Maritime law.

These are some of the damages available to injured Jones Act seamen:

Lost Wages

As a Jones Act seaman, you could be owed for the wages you missed out on while unable to work because of an accident that was at least partially the fault of your employer.

Medical Expenses

If you’ve been hurt, then you need medical care.  And somebody needs to pay for that care, which can get expensive, especially if your injuries are severe.  The Jones Act allows for injured seamen to be reimbursed for their medical expenses related to the injury.

Pain, Suffering and Mental Anguish

Let’s face it, being injured can hurt.  Not only do you suffer when the accident happens, but the pain can linger for days, weeks, or years.  Employees can be compensated for the pain and suffering that they experience as a result of being injured while working on a vessel.  You may also be unable to enjoy some things in life that you used to, which can lead to mental anguish – which may be covered under the Jones Act.


Not only do injuries hurt, but sometimes they leave permanent scars or changes to your body.  Injured workers can lose arms or legs, suffer from serious scarring, be unable to walk normally, and more.  The Jones Act allows for you to be compensated for any disfigurement that you suffer after an offshore injury.

Lost Earning Capacity

Some injuries leave workers unable to return to their former position, which can reduce the amount of money they are able to earn to support themselves and their family.  If this happens, the Jones Act allows you to hold your employer responsible for your lost earnings, if your employer was partially responsible for your accident.

You probably have a lot of questions about the type and amount of compensation you are owed after an offshore injury.  Please contact the attorneys at the New Orleans based office of The Young Firm to discuss your case with our experienced Jones Act lawyers, and take your first step towards justice.

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