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What are some of the industry specific rules that co-exist with the Jones Act safety rules?

What type of maritime industry you work in can often mean you have additional industry-specific safety rules under the Jones Act of 1920. Many organizations such as the American Petroleum Institute and the Coast Guard have different rules for their vessels and employee safety. OSHA also has some input on certain industries covered by the Jones Act.

An injury claim filed under the Jones Act on a cruise ship is generally focused on the safety rules as provided by OSHA. This means regular workplace safety inspections should be performed on the vessel to ensure worker safety, especially in high-hazard areas such as engine rooms and maintenance departments.

Some of the common Jones Act cruise ship safety rules include marking steps in the workplace with a visible marker such as yellow paint to reduce the risk of trip injuries. The Jones Act of 1920 also requires that workers on cruise ships be provided with the same level of equipment to meet safety standards for reducing workplace injury.

Your employer may not always be forthcoming about safety measures, especially if they’re not following the standards set by the Jones Act of 1920. If you aren’t personally aware of the sort of safety requirements your industry demands, you may lose out on valuable evidence in your claim.

Your New Orleans, LA attorneys will be able to assist you in determining what sort of safety rules govern your industry and apply to your injury claim. When filing an injury claim it’s important to know when negligence has played a role in causing your accident, and whom to hold liable for your injuries. Attorneys who focus on Jones Act claims will be your best resource for this task.

Getting Jones Act Law Help from New Orleans, LA Attorneys

The Jones Act law provides you with certain protections your employer may not want you to know about. A Jones Act attorney from The Young Firm in New Orleans, Louisiana can help you if you have suffered boating accident injuries, an offshore accident or other injuries that fall under maritime law.

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