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Under maritime law, who is liable for an accident that injured me on a rented jet ski?

Depending on the nature of your jet ski injury, the rental company, jet ski manufacturer, or a third-party (such as the operator of a boat that collides with you)may be held accountable, based on maritime law. If you’re facing serious consequences of such an accident, seek a maritime attorney based in Louisiana to determine if you have a claim worth pursuing.

If you rent a jet ski while on vacation or just while enjoying a sunny day on the water, you may be asked to sign a liability waiver. Using these waivers is quite common and most boating or jet ski companies will require you to sign some kind of waiver, in which you will agree not to hold the company responsible should you be involved or injured in an accident.

You cannot be forced to waive your rights, but you may be prohibited from engaging in the activity if you choose not to do so. Additionally, some companies may have you sign a document that acknowledges the activity you’re about to engage in is risky; that’s not necessarily the same thing as a waiver, but you should speak with a maritime attorney for more specific information regarding the differences.

Even if you sign a waiver, that doesn’t mean you’re completely barred from recovery, particularly in the instance of negligence. If you signed the waiver under the belief that the company was reasonably fulfilling its obligation to provide a safe environment and safe equipment, the waiver may not be legally binding once your attorney challenges it in court.

Help from a Maritime Attorney Based in Louisiana with Your Jet Ski Case 

A jet ski rental accident isn’t that different than any injury accident. If another customer or vessel operator was responsible for the injury, then you may be able to file a claim against them. For a FREE case evaluation from a maritime law firm, contact our offices – 866-703-2590 FREE.

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