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Maritime Law Firm Explains Third Party Liability for Maritime Accident

Some maritime accidents are more complicated than a freak accident or a clear and obvious case of employer negligence. In some cases, an independent contractor or the employee of such a contractor may be partially or totally to blame for the accident that caused your injuries.

This may occur due to faulty equipment or a mechanical defect attributable to negligent design or manufacturing. When such is the case, it’s possible to pursue a claim against the contractor in addition to pursuing maintenance and cure benefits under the Jones Act.

A third party liability claim is pursued independent of the Jones Act and falls within standard personal injury liability laws, so there will be some differences in how that claim is handled and how your Jones Act claim for benefits is handled. To learn more about how your third party liability claim will be handled in conjunction with your Jones Act claim, consult a maritime law firm.

Getting Help from a New Orleans Based Maritime Law Firm

A Jones Act claim is already a complex issue, and including additional parties as defendants won’t make it any less complex, but that shouldn’t discourage you from reaching out to an attorney who will thoroughly investigate all possible avenues of recovery. Contact our offices for a FREE consultation– 504-680-4100.

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