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You just made a smart decision. Now Claim Your Free Gift!

Check your email now for our great 54 page book that explains the basics of Maritime Law and the Jones Act. This book is written for you, the maritime worker. If you have any questions at all as you read through the book, just call us. We really want you to understand you rights, choices and options under Maritime Law and the Jones Act.

We also want to send you an important FREE gift just for downloading our book.  Our Jones Act Law Toolkit pictured below contains information that you should know. This Toolkit of FREE information includes a hard copy of our 54 page book and also 2 very important videos.
The first video, ‘Keys to Winning Your Maritime Injury Case’, explains all the common tricks the company will use when it fights your claim. Your company is probably already using these tricks against you!

The next video, ‘Client Success Stories’, contains interviews with actual clients who explain thier concerns and worries before filing their claims.  You may be having some of these very concerns.  You then learn how their cases were handled and the ultimate outcomes.  It is a great way to see what it takes to win a maritime and Jones Act case from a client’s point of view.

Simply fill out the form below and we will immedately send your FREE Toolkit as a gift, with no cost at all to you.