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Welcome to the Maritime Injury Library

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The Guide to Maritime Injury Laws

Get all the information you need to make smart decisions about your future. This comprehensive maritime injury guide breaks down the laws applicable to injuries that happen in the maritime industry.

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From Tragedy to Triumph

This book contains first-person stories from previous clients who, like you, suffered an offshore injury and came to our firm for help. You may be surprised by how similar your story is to theirs.

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Coping with a Maritime Injury: A Guidebook for Spouses

Often times it’s the wife/girlfriend who provides the foundation of support to keep the family going. This book provides guidance on what to expect after an injury.

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Secrets About Medical Issues Surrounding Your Offshore Injuries

This guide addresses injuries that DON’T show up in common medical tests. Many injuries take a few days to fully show up. Understand your health & injuries and make sure you are properly diagnosed.

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Paying Your Bills & Getting Medical Treatment

Learn how to get your maintenance increased, how to pick your own doctor and get the company to pay for it, how to document your expenses to get them paid for.

Maintenance & Cure Worksheet

If you are injured offshore, your employer is legally obligated to pay for your medical & living expenses. This worksheet will help you create an expense sheet to provide to your employer.

8 Documents that Can Win Your Jones Act Case

This report briefly discusses 8 documents that can help win a maritime case. Learn more about why witness statements, accident reports, vessel logs, and more…

Understanding Your Offshore Injury

A simple guide about maritime law that covers basic laws that protect maritime workers; gives definitions of common terms; and explains common medical tests.

Understanding Your Offshore Injury: Audiobook

This audiobook contains important training on the Jones Act and maritime law. It covers the basics of maritime injury law.

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What’s Included in the Maritime Injury Toolkit?

This personal injury toolkit includes several books, pamphlets, and brochures that break down Maritime Injury Law in easy-to-understand concepts. When you fill out the form, you’ll first receive instant access to our Maritime Injury Library which will give you the PDF versions of all of these materials. Within a few days, you’ll receive the hard copy of your materials via FedEx.

3D Book of Maintenance and Cure Guide

In Your Toolkit, You’ll Receive

4 Must-Have Books that Will Guide You Through a Maritime Injury

  • The Guide to Maritime Injury Laws
  • Coping with a Maritime Injury: A Guidebook for Spouses
  • From Tragedy to Triumph: Stories About Our Clients
  • Paying Your Bills & Getting Medical Treatment


8 Brochures and Worksheets to Give You Quick and Easy Answers

  • Maintenance and cure worksheetQuestions for Interviewing Your Maritime Attorney
  • Maintenance and Cure worksheet
  • Case Results
  • Choosing the Right People
  • Client Portal info sheet
  • Meet The Young Firm
  • In the Same Boat brochure with blurbs and case results from our clients.
  • Example of our newsletter


Several Useful Knickknacks 

  • A blue vinyl zip-up bag
  • A blue file folder organizer
  • 2018 Calendars
  • Pen
  • Silicone cell phone wallet

You Don’t Have to Go Through this Injury Alone

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