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Claim Calculator Explanations

Thank you for filling out the Maritime Claim Calculator. You should be receiving an email with a PDF of the quiz questions and score explanation. Below you’ll find an explanation of the quiz scores, as well. Call us if you have any questions about your score.

Claim Calculator Explanations

10 to 20 points-

Some of the answers you gave indicate that you will face multiple challenges in pursuing your claim.  This does not necessarily mean you don’t have a valuable claim.  All it means is that you can expect the company to throw the usual defenses at you while you move forward trying to collect a fair settlement.

21 to 30 points-

Moving forward with your claim will likely be a smart move on your part.  While the company may try to challenge some of your claim, other parts are probably well in your favor.  You probably have a lot of money at stake, so be careful moving forward to handle everything properly.

31 to 40 points-

You want to be very careful moving forward.  Your future has probably been very affected by your injury and you may have the basis of a very valuable claim.  A lot is at stake for you, and there are definitely right and wrong ways to handle things to make your future better.  Speak to an attorney as soon as you can.

Feel free to take the quiz again if you’d like.