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The People We Help

On a daily basis, we work with down to earth, hard working people in the maritime industry who need help, just like you. At The Young Firm, we put our clients first. Even before you are a client, we still want to support you by providing guidance and honest information to help you navigate a difficult time. From Captains to deckhands and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about the people we help below.

If you’re a captain, you likely love your work and have been doing it for many, many years. If you are injured on the job, you may not want to file a claim, but would rather get straight back to work. The unfortunate reality is that filing a claim may be your best option. However, filing a claim doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your career.

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Crane Operators
Crane operator injuries are usually caused in one of two ways.  The crane itself may malfunction, or more likely, the crane operator is injured doing work outside of the crane. We’ve got experiencing helping in both types of cases.

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If you’re an injured deckhand, you should ask yourself the following question: can you go to another company and pass a physical? If you answer no or hesitate, chances are that you need to start thinking about your future outside of your company. Your injury is likely serious enough that you should not continue working right now and need to look at other options. Many of our deckhand clients feel better after they accept this and focus instead on creating a good case that will provide for their future. If you are uncertain of your next steps, we can help you find answers.

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As an injured driller, you’re going to face issues that other low ranking positions won’t. Primarily, the company will try to blame you since you were the “man in charge”. There are a number of reasons to seek advice from a maritime attorney in these cases.

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Often referred to as the “backbone of the rig”, floorhands do most of the physical labor. Which is why they are also most likely to suffer an injury compared to other positions on the rig. It’s important to be prepared, and know a maritime attorney can help answer some of the tough questions you’d face after an accident.
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As a senior ranking rig worker, you will face the difficult decision as to whether you should stop working after your injury.  You’re very well paid and usually are the last ones to stop work after a serious injury. Many OIMs believe that if they file a claim, they’ll never be able to work offshore again. This is not true at all. An experienced maritime law firm can help you understand your best steps forward.

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Roustabouts often don’t realize that their injury was caused by procedures done improperly.  Even though you follow the procedures as “normal”, that doesn’t mean those procedures were the proper way to do things. Which could open the door to a strong Jones Act claim. 

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As a toolpusher, you made anywhere from $100,000 up to $300,000 or more offshore. Because of this,  you’ll have a significant lost wage claim if you can’t go back to work. This is something your company is well aware of and will strongly convince you to go back to work so they don’t have to pay your lost wages. It’s important to have an impartial party, like a maritime attorney, representing your best interests.

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More About Our Clients

Injuries they have suffered:

  • Brain injuries
  • burns
  • back injuries
  • neck injuries
  • knee injuries
  • shoulder injuries
  • foot and hand injuries
  • amputations
  • emotional injuries

Things they value:

  • Their jobs and careers
  • their health
  • their families
  • their futures

How they feel before they hire us:

Worried, unsure what to do, and often guilty for having to take action against their company.

How they want to feel:

In control, confident they are doing the right thing, and important and dependable to their families.