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Injured seaman sues towing company

Seaman Paul E. Parfait has filed suit against Danielle Marine Towing and Lorris G. Towing II Corporation of Cutoff, Louisiana, alleging that he was injured due to the unseaworthiness of the vessel on which he was working.

The seaman was working on the Luke Guidry Jr., a towboat that operates between Louisiana and Texas. He was performing his regular duties when he was injured on April 13, 2009. The lawsuit does not describe the injury, but alleges that Mr. Parfait suffered physical pain and mental anguish and incurred lost wages because of the incident. He also incurred medical costs, suffered a physical impairment and lost his ability to perform household services.

The complaint also states that Danielle Marine Towing and Lorris G. Towing II Corporation were supposed to provide maintenance and cure for Parfait’s injuries, but have denied payments. Parfait is seeking actual, exemplary and punitive damages, as well as pre- and post- judgment interest, costs and other relief to which he is entitled.

Under general maritime law, the owners of a vessel are required to maintain the vessels seaworthiness. A vessel may be considered unseaworthy if there is unsafe condition aboard the vessel. If this condition causes the seaman injury, the owner of the vessel is liable.

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