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Crewman killed when tugboat sinks in West Virginia river

A crewman was killed when the towboat he was manning sank in the Kanawha River of West Virginia.

Greg Smith of Cattlesburg, Kentucky was part of a two-man crew on the 67-foot towing vessel, the Misty Dawn. The towboat, which is owned by Ross Brothers Construction of Ashland, KY had been pushing a barge carrying a crane towards Charleston.

The barge began taking on water on Sunday, April 18 around 6 p.m. The Misty Dawn continued to push the barge towards the shore.  It sank near mile mark 37 in Poca. Eight hours later, the towboat sank just a few hundred yards from the barge.

One crew member was able to jump off the vessel and swim to shore. Greg Smith was not able to escape. A water rescue crew found his body on Monday afternoon. The sinkings are being investigated. The Coast Guard is treating the incidents as two unrelated accidents.

The Misty Dawn had 4,000 gallons of fuel onboard and the Coast Guard is working to contain the spill. Salvage of the vessels will begin later this week. The river is closed for two miles around the sinking.

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