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Want to Know How to Prepare for a Deposition Under the Jones Act?


In order to properly prepare for your Jones Act or maritime case, you should understand why you are being asked all of the questions by the company attorney.

Deposition Questions Relate to Issues in Your Case

Each question you are asked during your Jones Act or maritime law deposition will typically relate to a specific issue of your case. For example, in order to recover compensation under the Jones Act or maritime law, you must prove that your employer was at fault and that you were not at fault. Since this is such an integral aspect of your case, the company attorney will spend a lot of time asking questions regarding the accident, the incidents leading up to the accident, what immediately followed the accident, whether you filed a report or not, etc.

Your Employment History After an Injury is Important

Another huge issue in your Jones Act deposition will be the type of work you can pick up after your injury as well as the amount you will earn performing such work. If your injury is extensive and limits you from working a good job or from working at all, then your compensation may be greater. Additionally, the following factors will also affect your case:

  • If you had more experience,
  • were in the industry for a long time, and
  • were making really good money before the accident

For this reason, the other side will drill you with questions about your education, work history, training, and injury.

Past Medical Treatment Will be Closely Examined and Questioned

You also may be questioned, or more properly “cross-examined”, regarding all of your past medical treatment. Doctors and hospitals often have incorrect information in your medical records and if you are not prepared to address any incorrect information, you will be taken off guard and could make a critical mistake during your deposition. We believe it is important to always review your past medical records or at least have your attorney review them for any red flags prior to your deposition.

Written Accident or Recorded Statements Will be Picked Apart

Additionally, if you have provided any type of a written statement regarding the accident or even a recorded statement, you will often be grilled about these during your deposition.  Again, we believe it is critical to discuss this with an injured seaman before his Jones Act or maritime law deposition.

If you want the best tips possible from our office in regard to preparing for your deposition before your Jones Act case, you can watch our video below or you can read the more detailed transcript of our Jones Act deposition prep video.


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