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Recommendations about Facebook during your maritime Jones Act claim

What does Facebook have to do with your maritime injury claim? Should you stop using Facebook if you have a maritime injury claim? Will the company lawyer try to pursue your Facebook page if you have filed a maritime Jones Act claim? These are all very important questions. Facebook has become extremely popular. In many of the cases we handle our clients are asked to produce their Facebook pages. I’m going to give you two recommendations on how you should handle Facebook, if you use Facebook and you have a Maritime injury claim.

The first thing I recommend that you do is go back through the people that you’ve friended in the past. These are the people who you made friends for your Facebook page and they have access to your internal pages. Chances are you friended a lot of your old co employees and maybe even some supervisors. Now these individuals still have access to many of your Facebook pages. The company knows this and the company can ask them to go to your Facebook page, look at the type of stuff that you’re writing and even print it off for the company lawyer. So the first thing you want to do is go back through your old friends, make sure that everyone on there you trust and you know very well and you’re not concerned that they’re going to be giving any of the information on your Facebook page to the company lawyer.

The second thing I’m going to recommend is to consider even stopping to use Facebook. Now I know a lot of people use it and a lot of people like using it. The problem is a lot of courts these days are actually ordering people to produce their Facebook pages and the information on those pages during their suits. This may not happen in your case, but you need to be aware that company lawyers definitely know about Facebook, they routinely ask for Facebook pages to be produced and they want to know what you’re writing on your Facebook page. So keep this in mind if you have a serious maritime injury case.

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