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Should I go to my husband’s doctor appointments with him?

After a maritime accident, yes, it can help to go to your husband’s doctor appointments with him. This is for numerous reasons, from being his emotional support, to helping him document what the doctor says. And yes, there are a couple things you’ll want to bring to the doctor’s appointment so you are fully prepared for each visit, which we will discuss below.

Reasons to Attend Your Husband’s Doctor Appointments

There are several reasons to attend your husband’s appointments, the most obvious of which is to be his moral support. You just being there for him can help set his mind at ease and relieve some of his anxiety. Plus, sitting in the waiting room can get frustrating and boring, and you can be there to keep his mind busy.

Other reasons to attend can be just as important:

  • Fill out paperwork – There may be plenty of paperwork to fill out at each doctor appointment. There might be a section to explain how the injury occurred. It’s vital that the full details of your husband’s maritime accident be included here and that it’s very clear that the injury is work-related. You can help your husband fill out this section in a more detailed, accurate way than he might on his own.
  • Witness what the doctor says – Some doctors, particularly company doctors, will say one thing to a worker about his condition and capacity to work, but may write something completely different on his file. You can sit in on his visit and listen to what the doctor says and corroborate your husband’s story.
  • Explain symptoms – Your husband may forget to share some of his symptoms with the doctor, which could be vital to his treatment. In fact, there could be symptoms he might not be aware of, such as emotional and mental disorder symptoms like depression, mood swings, or reduced enjoyment in life.

What to Bring to the Doctor Appointments

The more prepared you are, the less headache there will be for both you and your husband at the doctor’s office.

There are a couple of things you can bring to the doctor appointment, including:

  • a list of medications your husband is taking;
  • any medical records from other doctors concerning this injury;
  • information regarding his cure benefits;
  • his injury journal (a notebook in which he should be writing down daily entries regarding his injury and pain levels).

It also helps to call the doctor’s office ahead of time and ask if there is anything else you should bring.

Compiling an Injury File

From the time your husband is injured, start an injury file in which to keep all important paperwork. Keep every piece of documentation related to his accident in the file, in case you need it at later time.

Documentation to keep includes things such as:

  • accident reports;
  • medical records;
  • his injury journal;
  • maintenance and cure payment records;
  • previous income records;
  • information on recommended treatments;
  • prescription information;
  • photos of his injuries;
  • insurance company conversation notes; and
  • notes you take at the doctor’s office.

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