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The Top 10 Most Popular Boat Names in Louisiana and Nationwide

There are many maritime jobs that can be found on pleasure boats, such as private yachts and cruise ships. From guest services to mechanics, these types of non-industrial boats have a different purpose in maritime employment but many of the maritime job risks remain the same.

While all vessels in the Gulf of Mexico typically have a name, most pleasure crafts have more creative monikers. As new boats are registered, records are kept of the names and the 10 most popular in 2011 were:

  • Seas the Day;
  • Nauti Buoy;
  • Aquaholic;
  • Dream Weaver;
  • Pegasus;
  • Serenity Now;
  • Second Wind;
  • Liquid Asset;
  • Miss Behavin’; and
  • Blew ByYou.

Many maritime workers own private use boats for when they’re off duty, especially seasonal fishermen. Having access to a private boat can be therapeutic if you’re a maritime worker who suffered a serious injury while working on an offshore oil rig, commercial vessel, or other marine profession.

While recovering from your accidents and filing your Jones Act or maritime injury claim you may still want to get out on the water for some relief from the stress of doctors, paperwork, and therapy. A personal boat is a great way to do so, and if you have the means to own your own boat, you get the honor of naming your new vessel!

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