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Accidents at work can leave your life in utter chaos. You don’t know if you can go back to work. You’re not sure how you’re going to pay the bills much less pay for a doctor’s visit, and often you’re in a debilitating amount of pain. When our clients finally come to us, they’re at their wit’s end and are out of options. We’re here to say that you don’t have to go through this injury alone.The Young Firm maritime attorneys

Our Houma Maritime Injury Attorneys are Here for You

These kind of injuries and situations are painful, stressful, and nerve-wracking. It can be difficult to know what to do at times and feel overwhelming trying to find answers. We hope to make your journey through this difficult time a little easier. Please give us a call or chat with us if you have any questions.

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Former Maritime Injury Clients from Houma

Rigger Dwayne D. Slips and Falls on Deck of Motor Vessel

At the time of his accident, Dwayne was a rigger on a fixed platform in the Gulf of Mexico. In July of 2015, he was performing a task on a nearby motor vessel when he slipped on an unsafe deck. His quadricep tendon ruptured and his knee dislocated forcing him to have to get surgery. An expert report said that the M/V deck was not properly applied with a non-skid coating to prevent someone from slipping, and as a result, our client was able to file an LHWCA claim from which he received $55,000.

Darrin's crane block accident

Bucket Dredge Tower Operator Darrin B. Sustains Knee Injury

In February of 2016, Darrin was working aboard a dredge loading a crane when the crane block slipped off and hit his knee and injured his back. After investigating, we learned that not only did Darrin’s supervisors not follow proper procedures when lifting the crane load but they also did not have the proper equipment for the job at hand. As a result of their negligence, Darrin suffered multiple injuries which required surgery. We helped him file a Jones Act / General Maritime claim for which he received around $230,000 to help get him through the upcoming years. 

Deckhand Lloyd C. Attacked by Drunk Crew Members

In January of 2015, our former client Lloyd C. was a deckhand aboard a motor vessel docked at a shipyard in Golden Meadow, LA when he was assaulted by his other crew members. The other deckhands were returning to the vessel after a night of drinking. They got into an altercation with our client and attacked him, burning him in the face with a cigarette and stabbing him with a knife. The assailants were charged with aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon (which is a felony) and were eventually fired. In addition to filing a police report, our client hired us to file a Jones Act claim against his company for failing to provide him with a safe workplace and for failing to follow company procedures. We settled the case for roughly $70,000.

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 Reviews from Houma Clients

“I would like to thank you, Tammy and the staff for everything you did for us…My wife and I are very grateful to have The Young Firm on our side.” -Wilbert D.

“Tim Young does not take any shortcuts. He overachieved my expectations. His staff around him are of the best of the best…They will walk you through every step & understand how to handle clients who are in an injured state of pain & suffering.”  -Chad C.

Community Involvement in Houma

As part of our initiative to help mariners keep up with their credentialing, we created the MAPS Award to offset some of the costs of training. This scholarship program gives out a $1000 certificate to 18 mariners every year to be used at specific training facilities in Louisiana. RelyOn Nutec in Houma is one of the facilities in our scholarship program.

“The MAPS award means that moving up in my career will be less of a financial burden. It relieves the stress of trying to provide for my family and pay for school while being out of work without pay for weeks. This award has given me the opportunity to embrace my schooling with peace of mind. I think The Young Firm and the fact that they offer such an award is amazing. It shows a lot of passion for the industry to help us excel in our career! Thanks for this opportunity! It is greatly appreciated!” Bruce C. | Louisiana | Deckhand

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you represent clients who live in Houma?

Yes, many of our clients over the years have been from the Houma area, but we also handle cases for clients throughout the U.S.

What are your attorney fees?

We charge a standard 40% fee at the end of our clients’ cases. Our clients do not pay us out of pocket nor do they pay us if the case is lost. You can read more about our attorney fees.

What sets you apart from the personal injury attorneys in Houma?

Our law firm only handles maritime injury cases. So if you’re injured on a barge, tugboat, OSV, platform, dock, etc, then we are the ones to go to. We’ve handled hundreds of cases for maritime workers and have an in-depth knowledge of the industry. You won’t find that depth of knowledge with just any personal injury attorney.

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