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Nationwide Maritime and Jones Act Injury Lawyers

Our office handles Maritime and Jones Act cases Nationwide.

There are three reasons an individual should hire a Louisiana maritime lawyer as opposed to a lawyer from another part of the country.

  • In Louisiana our judges know maritime law. They understand the Jones Act, they understand what your rights are, they’re going to be able to properly handle and apply the law in your case.
  • In Louisiana the juries generally understand maritime law. Many individuals on your jury or certainly their family members or relatives most likely have worked offshore or they’re familiar with the vessel work. It’s important that you have a jury that understands the type of work you were doing offshore.
  • The third reason it’s good to file your case in Louisiana is because in Louisiana we have access to industry experts who can help prove your case in court. Very many issues in your case may require an expert to address them in front of the jury and in order to do this it’s important that you hire the right expert to review the facts of your case.

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