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Maritime Client Case Results

Client Case Results

Our case results below show the variety of cases and settlement amounts we have obtained for our clients.  Just as important as the actual settlement amounts are the stories of the real differences our clients experienced.  We are very proud to have played a role in making their lives better.



Why the confidentiality?

The exact amounts of many of our case results are, unfortunately, confidential.  Usually, companies require confidential settlements to hide the details of how much they paid on a claim.  Never have we asked for our settlements to be confidential; it was always the insurance company or company paying the settlement.  Below are two examples of such ‘confidential’ settlements.

Seven figure settlementankle injury case results

A young deckhand stepped into the eye of a double eyed line, causing an injury to his left foot. The injury was serious and required several surgeries. He was an outstanding employee, well-liked by all his coworkers.  His settlement included monthly tax-free payments to him for many years, and it allowed him to purchase a house for his mother, which had always been a dream of his.

Multiple seven figure settlements

In another case, a platform explosion badly burned two workers. The companies all argued that the workers and their superiors were at fault for the explosion, so very little money was offered to them after the accident.  They decided they needed to hire a law firm and after interviewing many firms, they chose our office to help them.  Our clients were scared they wouldn’t receive enough money to support their families. They also did not want to go through the courtroom process.  In the end, both received very favorable settlements that will provide for them for the rest of their lives and will allow them to pay for all their children’s education, a goal that was very important to them through the whole process.


brain injury case results$7,000,000+

An offshore worker suffered a small brain hemorrhage which was made worse due to his hemophiliac condition.  His company told him it was an unfortunate non-work related illness, and placed him on monthly long-term disability.  Our office hired multiple medical experts who showed that the injury could have been avoided, or made less severe, had he been given immediate proper treatment on the rig.  This resulted in him winning a large settlement for his family that made all the difference in the world to them as they adjusted to his injury.  A special vehicle and new home with proper accommodations allowed him to live a much better life.


An older rig worker suffered a stroke while working off the coast of Mexico.  His company brought him to a small clinic on land which provided inappropriate treatment, worsening his condition.  Because the company choose the treatment provider for him, the company voluntarily paid a large settlement, allowing he and his wife of many years to have funds for payment of therapists and other expenses.  His concern for his future medical were taken care of with his settlement.


A jury returned a favorable verdict of more than $2,000,000 for our client whose ankle was injured when he was attempting to move an oxygen tank across a poorly maintained work barge.  Our client struggled with the tank, and ultimately it fell over onto his foot and ankle.  Although the jury assigned some blame for the accident to our client, he was still able to greatly improve his life and his family’s lives with the funds he received.  He ultimately returned to work at a port facility in Mississippi.  The money he received from his claim along with a great future job gave him a much better future than he had immediately after his injury.


A captain on a small tug injured his arm while struggling to open a deck cover.  He and his wife worried that he would not be able to find good work after his injury which left him with physical limitations.  We were able to obtain excellent case results for him and his family, which included the purchase of an annuity that will continue to pay him tax-free income each month for many years into the future.  This will allow him to provide for his young children as they grow older.


A young deckhand fell from his bunk bed, causing a serious injury to his hip.  This required a hip replacement.  He worried that he would be blamed for the accident, and not being careful enough while getting out of the top bunk.  Through the use of our experts, we showed that the bunk bed was improperly maintained.  His settlement allowed him to retrain himself and find new work, which was especially important for his young age.

$1,100,000spine injury case results

A platform worker had his back and neck injured when an exhaust stack fell on him while he worked over the side of an offshore platform.  Through the use of a crane expert, we were able to prove for him that the defendant company was at fault.  He had previously worked as a bricklayer before going offshore, and he knew this work would be very difficult now.  His settlement provided tax-free income for him to live on for many years into the future.

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