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Maritime Lawyer Will Make Sure You Are Aware of Your Rights

0:02 One of the most basic and fundamental things that our clients need is advice. These people understand offshore work. They know how to work a rotary. They know how to work a derrick.

0:11 They don’t know what their legal rights are when they’re injured.

0:14 When I have electrical problems at my house, I go hire an electrician. I have no idea how to do electrical work.

0:21 When our clients come in, we can tell them Maritime Law. I will say, “These are your options. Under the law, this is what your company should be doing.”

0:28 Our clients cannot even begin to make an informed decision unless they know what their rights are. They should not be embarrassed; they should not be intimidated.  We make it a very welcome environment. Typically we invite their wife, their significant [other], and family members to come in.

0:43 We want it to be a group decision where everyone understands their rights.

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When our clients come to us, they’re looking for one thing: our advice. And we make sure that we give them all the advice they need to move forward with their lives. We discuss Maritime Law, their rights, and their options. It’s difficult to make an informed decision if you don’t know the options, and that’s where we come in. If you are seeking an experienced maritime law and Jones Act lawyer for your accident or injury case, then look no further. Contact The Young Firm at 1-866-723-4311.