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Our firm personally handles only Maritime & Jones Act claims on behalf of injured maritime workers.

We have helped hundreds of maritime workers put their lives back together after suffering an injury at work. We know how to get you proper and unbiased medical treatment, how to help you obtain enough money to live on while you recover, and how to secure the best future for you and your family.

Client Testimonials

How do we treat our clients? Want to know more about our law firm and how we have helped others just like you? Watch what they have to say about us.
"He was told by his last surgeon he will never be able to make it offshore, and this is a man who was going to school and getting his upgrades in, and really going for his mate's license and eventually going to become a captain. This was his career. This was what he was going to do the rest of his life. And because of the negligence of the captain, and the selfishness, it's not gonna happen anymore."
-Sue & Joe Snyder
"After the initial visit that I had with The Young Firm, with Timothy Young, I felt better. I felt more at ease, and I just felt in my heart that I had picked the right company to represent me."
-Joshua Johnson

The Client Portal: Giving You More Control During Your Case.

What is the The Client Portal? The Client Portal is a one-of-a-kind hub for clients filing a maritime injury case. It gives clients the opportunity to communicate with their legal team as well as other clients. Your injury is confusing and difficult enough; your case doesn't have to be. The Client Portal provides access to a community forum, confidential deposition prep videos, educational materials on your case, and more.